Our mission is to educate parents about online risks, provide parenting tips for shielding your children from the internet, and educate schools in order to stop the cycle. 

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83% of educated adults will give away personal information willingly. Children will give away personal information, inappropriate pictures, and have access to illegal items such as drugs online.

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95% of schools don’t have adequate filters in place to protect our children while at school.

47% of families report pornography is problem in their home


47% of families report pornography is a problem in their home. 10% of kids under 10 have viewed pornography

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Many schools require kids as young as 10 complete most of their homework on a device.


Schools are forcing internet on our kids.  

Many schools require kids as young as 10 complete most of their homework on a device. When a kid uses a device that does not have proper controls, they can easily be drawn into pornography, meet a pedophile, and access illegal substances.


Parents are often left wondering what they can do to protect their children?

They instinctively know that what their kids are doing online could be harmful.  They are battling what the right steps are, what their friends are doing online, and are worried their kids are oversharing. 

We can show you a better way and our program is completely free.

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